Well, I learned that posts don’t always get posted.  Not sure if it was Chrome or Angel.

Really like the text book.

Still need dual display, can’t imagine NOT.

Always wanted to know the difference between GIF and JPEG.

Surprising that presentation links require so much coding.  I can see why Dreamweaver and other editors are popular.

Vertical split view is great..


Week 1 summary.

Lectures and readings have been interesting.  Relevant and thorough without being boring.
Video presentations are okay.
Liked the assignments.
Helps to have dual screens.
  1. 25 WYSIWYG Editors: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/05/06/25-wysiwyg-editors-reviewed/
  2. Overview: FTP Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.ftpclient.com/ftp_client_faq.html

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